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Angela ROSE "Charlie" Owen

Angela R. Owen is a California born, raised, and educated mixed media artist currently residing in Lansing, Michigan for the past several years, where she is very active in the thriving arts community and is a member of the Lansing Artists Council. Angela regularly participates in various arts & crafts events, festivals, and shows around Lansing and throughout Michigan.

“I have been making all manner of art since I could hold a crayon in my hand. My mother and stepfather was/is amazing, creative artists who continually inspire me to expand my work and skill level as well as to try out new areas of creativity.”

 "I create handcrafted one of a kind items and artwork from many types of recycled and new materials, such as recycled and broken things, scrapbook paper, and ephemera, vintage and antique papers, discarded magazines, books, broken jewelry, watch parts, metal bits, and many items I find that would be thrown away and deemed worthless. I also use antique images that I acquire through the public domain or have purchased the rights to use in my own work.”

Angela makes mixed media original artworks, prints, apparel, accessories, home decor,  bookmarks, stationery, boxes, greeting cards, journals, albums, jewelry, ornaments, and other gift items.

Customization of products and artworks are also available to order.

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